Burlington Township U11 Falcons 6-14-2015


Congratulations to the U11 Falcons on their win today over the South Jersey Storm! Way to go guys!









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The Early Years


My current evolution of photographic thought and technique began at Notre Dame High School in Mr. G’s Photography class. I shot slides with my fathers AE-1 and 50mm prime. Each week we had assignments to be displayed and critiqued in class. Proper exposure, composition, and technique were, what seem like then, driven into our brains. There was no room for error shooting a slide. Without a digital photo preview, editing software, and the internet for help you either got it right or told why you were wrong!

Here’s a print, from a slide, dating April 1999.

Marlton Green Warrior Softball

Green Warriors, Marlton, NJ, Softball

Congratulations to the Marlton Green Warriors for going undefeated so far this season! These girls have literally busted their butts each and every game. They have been down to only half and outfield, playing a full team, and have still came through in the end. These girls aren’t afraid to get a little dirt on their uniforms and it has paid off for them! Here are some shots from their last game. I hope you enjoy!